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Fractal of the Week

Frames and Tables Enhanced Rendering
Fractint PAR file
Fractint FRM file
The formula file will be needed to run some of the parameter entries. The parameter file contains all FOTW parameters and not just the current one, so if you forgot to download last week's and you loved it and you have fractint....... find a few unstructured hours for your computer :-) The latest version of Fractint should be used, as images will be posted on here that depend on the latest features for their generation. Get it here.


May 19 1999.
This symmetrical vision of beauty is found very deep inside the M-set. Dedicated to a friend of know who you are.


Images copyright (c) 1998 Paul Derbyshire. Image may be freely distributed and distributed on disk for nominal distribution fee, but may not be modified. (Most image manipulation software tramples Fractint's fractal data saved in gif images. Why not even the brilliant Jasc Inc. can't make a paint program intelligent enough to detect existing extra data blocks in gifs and leave them the hell alone is beyond me...)
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