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One of my interests is fractals. These are difficult to describe, but include any irregular physical object like tree bark or a coastline, and an assortment of purely mathematical, abstract constructs generated by feedback formulas in a computer. These latter are the ones I find most interesting.

What is a fractal? An introduction to fractals and scale.

For those of you with graphical browsers, have a peek at this one:

The Mandelbrot Set: The most famous fractal of all.

Those of you interested in talking shop with other fractal lovers, there's a newsgroup made just for you:

The newsgroup sci.fractals

If you find these interesting, and know a lot, or even if you find these interesting and don't know a lot, I wouldn't mind having an e-mail chat :-)

For a complete overload of fractal stuff, check out this link:

The Spanky Fractal Database

Visit the Mandelbrot Set Guided Tour. This page shows visually where the ten most frequently visited areas of the Mandelbrot set are and introdoces the reader to some of the interesting patterns and self-similarities in the Mandelbrot set.

I have a modest Fractal Art Gallery here. Enjoy!

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