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PGD's Fractal Gallery

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See also The Mandelbrot Set Guided Tour

Kewl Frames Version

NEW!A huge new wing of the gallery devoted to a Herman Ring formula!NEW!
Nearly two megabytes!
Fractal of the Week. Expect a new, beautiful, and unusual 1024x768 fractal image to be posted here each Wednesday. If you click that link and love it to pieces, you might want to save a copy to your hard drive, because it won't be there long. A Fractint parfile and formulafile are linked that contain all the FOTWs' parameters and all necessary formulas; these files will be updated with each new FOTW.

I have put together an art gallery of my very own fractal GIFs. These were all generated by Fractint. Fractint PAR files of gallery images are also available, along with the formula files for Quartz and Nova.

I have also used the POV-ray 2.2 raytracer in making some of the 3D fractal compositions. I find this a very good raytracer and recommend it highly. POV-Ray 3.0 is now out and it's really good!

The images in these pages are freely distributable. Copyright 1996 PGD.

I have images from several different formulas; the images are assorted by formula and region. The gallery totals about a hundred images.

Please note: images are "dithered" when displayed by some web browsers on 256-color screens. In this case the images will look much better when downloaded and displayed in a graphics viewer. (Netscape Gold users may simply click on the image to see it displayed by itself without dithering.)
Image sizes are small, 320x240, due to space limitations.

These images will change once in a blue moon *grin* to provide an ever-changing display. expect new images perhaps every two months, depending. Due to space limitations old images will be deleted from the server when new ones replace them! If you have a favorite, then, you'd better download it :-)

Also, please download them and show them to the unfortunates with no modems! :-)

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NEW!*The Herman Ring Formula
*The Nova Formulae
*The Mandelbrot Set
*The Quartz Formula
*Hypercomplex Mandelbrots
*The "Magnet" Fractals
*Fractured Mandelbrot Set
*Miscellaneous Fractal Images
*3D Fractal Art

*Deep Zoom Images

For Those Who Are Curious...

Fractint Home Page

POV-Ray Home Page

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