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  • August 11 1999:
    • Started the Java Pages.
    • The FOTW is on hiatus again because I'm so busy...
  • May 19 1999:
    • End of months of hiatus caused by my being very busy with studies and so forth.
    • The FOTW is being updated once again.
    • New FOTW with a special dedication. Check it out!
  • Nov. 18 1998:
    Major site overhaul and new sections added!
    • Linked Amnesty International wherever I have already linked the Blue Ribbon Campaign.
    • Added Carleton University Lunacy and Incompetence, a page describing lunacy, incompetence, and borderline ripoffs and money-grubbing scams at the university where I currently study.
    • Added Making the World a Better Place, where I share on the Net my ideas on how we can make the world a batter place, and opinions on what needs changing.
    • New FOTW, as is normal for Wednesdays.
  • Nov. 16 1998:
  • Nov. 11 1998:
    • New FOTW, as usual every Wednesday.
  • Nov. 9 1998:
    • Some new anecdotes and a major overhaul over on the Microsoft Rants page.
  • Nov. 5 1998:
    • Oh, Microsoft has really screwed things up now. This one has to be seen to be believed. Read all about it!
  • Nov. 4 1998:
    • As usual on Wednesdays, a new FOTW. BONUS THIS WEEK: Two related images, instead of just one!
    • Cosmetic improvements to FOTW page, and added links between framed and non-framed versions.
    • Cosmetic improvements to Microsoft Rants and Crash Anecdotes page, and added links between framed and non-framed versions.
    • Added META tags to the Microsoft Rants page, FOTW page, Fractal Gallery, Quake page, and Mandelbrot Guide and submitted them all to search engines.
  • Nov. 3 1998:
  • Oct. 29 1998:
    • Globalserve's web server ate iecrazy1.gif the other day. Just noticed that and re-uploaded it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    • New crash anecdote.
    • Fixed a couple typos I just discovered on the Microsoft Rants and Crash Anecdotes page. Also changed some references to "Outlook Express" to say "Outlook Exploder". Fixed a broken link.
  • Oct. 28 1998:
    • As usual on Wednesdays, there's a new FOTW (the fourth).
    • New Microsoft software crash anecdotes.
    • Released my first Quake 2 map, twcitydm2.bsp, called "Twisted's House". It is a deathmatch map for 4-32 players. Look for it at or download it directly from here. Find out more on my Quake page, which has been updated.
    • Did a major revision of my links page. Added lots of new stuff and grouped the links by category. And I got rid of that godawful background! It was hard to read before.
    • Minor cosmetic changes and typo/grammar corrections on a few pages, notably this page, the Microsoft Rants page, the FOTW page, and the links page. Also fixed a broken link on this page and made cosmetic changes to the sources for some pages.
  • Oct. 7 1998:
  • Oct. 2 1998:
    • Globalserve's web server was down for almost 72 hours. Now it's finally back up. After this and the recent DNS and password database problems, I am starting to wonder if my $250 or so would have been better spent someplace else.
    • Have swatted some page bugs: many of the blue ribbons would, when clicked from a frame enabled page, leave a user stuck in my frames. Fixed now.
    • Have added new Quake links to the links page.
    • Continued frustration with everything Microsoft has led me to put up a web page in their dishonor: Microsoft Rants and Crash Anecdotes. Also added some Upgrade Definiton humor.
  • Sept. 30 1998:
    • Attention Fractal Lovers!: New feature on the Fractal Gallery. High resolution Fractal of the Week, every Wednesday, with Fractint par file archiving all FOTW parameters forever. (And yet another cool visitor counter too.)
  • Sometime in late September:
    • Updated the DOOM addon The Devil's Fury's text file to reflect my permanent email address at and my permanent WWW address, and uploaded the whole kit & kaboodle to, something I should have done a long time ago.
  • Sometime in early September:
    • Because Sympatico was making billing errors I have moved to GlobalServe.
    • Because this damned page moves too damn much, I have also set up a "" address that ought to be permanent. You can all relax and set your bookmarks now. ;-)
    • I now have FIFTEEN MEGABYTES OF EMPTY WEBSPACE to be filled. Expect more fractals and maybe a new formula soon in the fractal gallery. Expect Quake and Quake 2 stuff coming soon.
    • I have a new kitten named Blue. He's adorable :) Pics coming ... eventually.
    • The frames-enabled toolbar searcher has been re-aimed at HotBot and the other search things removed. Why? OpenText suddenly started only indexing into corporate-related sites for some reason unfathomable to the sane and rational mind. HotBot pages may be slow to load for modem users due to serious graphics-encrusting, but right now it is the best searcher out there.
    • Hotmail provides sucky service and my address there somehow became a major spam target, so it is now defunct. Mail there won't bounce but I won't see it either. Use the new address instead.

Hello fellow surfers, I am

Paul Derbyshire

(But I go by the name Kydaimon on ICQ and IRC, and in Quake circles they call me Twisted.)

I am currently working on my B.Math in Computer Mathematics at Carleton University

I can be e-mailed at these addresses:

I make a point of reading all my mail on all these systems within a day or two of getting it. :-) Usually. :-)

If any of the links on these pages quit working, e-mail me and I'll correct it hopefully within a couple of days.

My interests include:

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