All of the graphics within this site do not display any "titles" for their images.   The image's actual file name is what will be used in lieu of a title name.   Though if you find an image that inspires a particular name, description, and/or title, then you are welcome to send those thoughts by email.

This is only one of the various sub-directories within the whole Fractals website, where many more images and topics may be found.   If you find something that is unclear and requires further explanation, or worse still, in those rare situations where an error is present, an email notification would be most appreciated.


Here are some of the created images, starting back in October, 2000 during Beta Testing (when XenoDream initially was named "Xenolab"), all the way up to the present date.   Most of these were experiments in seeing what a parameter setting, function, color, preset, or lighting would do.   So just click one of the following categories in which the images have been grouped:

Oldest Beta Testings Single Holons #1 Single Holons #2

Modified Starters Rubic's Cubes Maximum Holons

Arabesque & Baroque Eggs Frames

Various Others #1 Various Others #2 Various Others #3

Many of the parameters for these XenoDream images may be found in the one hundred sixty-one (161) XEP files currently available within the FILES section at either of two Yahoo eGroup's:  XenoDreamers or XenoDreamPix.   Just look for any of the ZIP files that have a name beginning with "PNL-XEP".


On the various forums concerning XenoDream, there have been many items discussed, specifically how areas of the program function.   Below are some of those issues which may be of interest to the new (as well as the more experienced) users of XenoDream.   I hope they are of some value:

Initial Basics Flames Presets

File Formats Colorings Zoom and Camera

Mixing Metamorphs Background & Unlit/Lit Clip & Distance

Working with Regions Combining Lighting Effects Other Tips



This section is both instructional (like a Tutorial above) and visual (like an image Gallery).   The images presented in these categories will show the many varieties of shapes which are available.   Since nowhere near everything could be represented, these will only show some of the 'basic' shapes that may be obtained:

Simple Basic Metamorphs Complex

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